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An appealing profile photo that suits you, that’s what you want. For you or your entire team. We take care of it. And: during the shoot you can already see the result. So you know for sure if it is good.


Photostudio Lourenz provides beautiful, well-finished photos. The professional photographer creates a pleasant atmosphere in which you can be at your best.


Do you want colorful photos, or urban black and white? Or something else? Everything is possible. Photostudio Lourenz has its own studio. You can also create profile photos on location! At the office or during an exhibition or conference.


Profile photos

profile photography for you


Profile photos

A good profile picture is a photo that firstly portrays the portrayed well. Not artificial, unless you want it of course. Lourenz can “catch” you in the picture. The photo shows who you are.

How we work

If you let yourself be portrayed by Lourenz you get the following:


  • Beforehand we discuss what you want, which look, which style.
    We discuss whether the photos are made in the studio or on location.
  • In consultation we examine which clothing, decoration of the environment (decor) and other things are needed.
  • We make an appointment for day and time. In case of a photo shoot outside we often make an extra appointment in case the weather conditions are not good.
  • During the photo shoot you will be put at ease. We realize that not everyone is in front of the camera every day! Usually you can see the result on the spot and see which photos you prefer.
  • After the photo shoot we process the photos and deliver them as we have agreed. This can be digital, tailor-made for internet use or printed matter, and / or printed in a professional manner.

A good profile picture

That’s what I want!

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